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CV Engineering, Universitair, Rijswijk zh

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Edit position Project Engineer SMC
Project Engineer
Company NameSMC
Dates EmployedNov 2016 – Present Employment Duration1 yr
LocationMilton Keynes, United Kingdom
SMC is a global pneumatic parts part supplier with a huge 30% global market share. The European Technical Centre was established to provide technical support to European subsidiaries with the aim to increase sales and offer existing customers the support they need. Typical duties as a project engineer include:

‌•Answering technical questions on any of the pneumatic products we sell. Answering questions may simply involve looking at our database of previous inquiries, up to setting up a dedicated test rig to give the customer specific results they need.
‌•Processing customers requests for special products which are unique to their specification. This includes verifying whether the customer demand is achievable as well as being cost viable , deciding the changes to the original design, making new manufacturing drawings and cost estimation.
‌•Setting up local test rigs (often replicating the customer's pneumatic circuit in house) which assess the pressure and flow characteristics as well as any variable the customer requires.
‌•Certification for products. This includes compiling technical content files assessing a product for CE marking and ATEX certification according to the relevant directive.
‌•Making concise instruction manuals for new products.
Edit position Process Improvement Engineer Renishaw
Process Improvement Engineer
Company NameRenishaw
Dates EmployedJun 2015 – Sep 2015 Employment Duration4 mos
LocationGloucestershire, United Kingdom
As a Process Improvement Engineer working with the Current Products Engineering Group division, my role was to overlook and manage the daily manufacture and assembly of co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) related products.

‌•Reactive call outs to assembly lines needing immediate help such as repairing jigs or resolving software issues in order to continue production.
‌•Updating work instruction documents, raising quality alerts, organising material salvage routes, cell maintenance.
‌•Repair of PH20 probe heads on behalf of the service centre division.
‌•Designing new jig tools to manufacture and implementing in a process.
‌•Route rationalisation and process timing for developing products to improve manufacturing efficiency.
‌•Testing break out strengths of glues to justify implementing new glue dispensing equipment.

Edit position Manufacturing Engineer in India Menon Pistons HQ
Manufacturing Engineer in India
Company NameMenon Pistons HQ
Dates EmployedJul 2014 – Sep 2014 Employment Duration3 mos
LocationKolhapur Area, India
The internship abroad helped supplement understanding the manufacturing business as a whole from receiving customer orders and purchasing raw materials and consumables to packaging finished pistons for shipping.

In this case, for piston manufacturing a prominent focus was the end quality of the piston determining its durability which OEMs prioritise for their brand reputation. Quality practices which were practiced include:
‌•Ensuring correct aluminium alloy composition.
‌•Analysing data of pouring times of liquid metal into casting moulds.
‌•Designing efficient tooling gating designs to achieve minimal defects.
‌•Control and capability checks on production line data (SPC).
‌•Practicing 100% quality inspections for critical dimensions i.e. ultra-sonic scans on finished pistons to check for internal defects.
Edit position Product Design Engineer Cambridge Audio
Product Design Engineer
Company NameCambridge Audio
Dates EmployedJul 2013 – Aug 2013 Employment Duration2 mos
LocationLondon, United Kingdom
This placement was spent with the Product Design Engineering team, responsible for designing housings for a wide range of visual and audio consumer electronic products. Aside from innovating aesthetics, we were responsible for creating a functional design choice through trials and testing to ensure the products would be durable in use to uphold the premium brand reputation.

The work was primarily done on SolidWorks where the design ideas were illustrated. Main responsibilities included:
‌•Completing manufacture drawings, sent off to production managers with specified tolerance limits.
•Formal brainstorming sessions to innovate new design ideas for the future products.
‌•Project on re-designing and rapid prototyping the existing volume knob design to test and improve its functionality.
Werkervaring Sector: Techniek industrie
Functie: Constructie/ engineer
Ervaring: 1-3 jaar
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